Action Bronson’s guide to NYC’s best street food

Nothing will stop rapper Action Bronson from finding the best food from every corner of the world. Not even indigestion.

“I have a stomach of steel,” the Queens native tells The Post. “I think I have all the enzymes that are just good. I don’t need Activia,” he says of the tummy-friendly yogurt.

Bronson, a 320-pound, whimsically obscene hip-hop artist and foodie has an unabashed love for street fare: hot dogs, gyros, zeppoles, mystery meat, you name it. He writes about his favorites from around the globe in his new book, “F–k That’s Delicious” (Abrams; out now) also the name of his food travel show on Viceland.

Any way you slice it, Queens native Action Bronson is a big fan of classic NYC street fare.Tom Gould

A former chef at his parents’ Middle Eastern restaurant in Forest Hills who never quite abandoned his culinary roots when he made it big in the rap world four years ago, Bronson’s hunger has taken him everywhere from Barcelona, Spain, where he savored every bite of a Peruvian-style fried octopus on black squid-ink bread, to Cape Town, South Africa, where he scarfed street meat “like you’ve never seen before.”

He admits there was one food that got the best of him — and it was the one he least expected: Nando’s, a common rotisserie-chicken chain in the UK.

“I’ve eaten all kinds of crazy s–t, but I got sick from Nando’s — unbelievable,” says Bronson, whose tough hip-hop exterior turns tender when he gets to talking about food, reliving childhood memories of his Albanian nonna’s fried dough and pasul, or white bean and spice soup.

There are few places Bronson likes to eat more than in New York City. You’re just as likely to see him rolling up to a no-name taco truck at midnight for a cheap No. 3 special as you are to find him slurping down pasta at classy Williamsburg Italian restaurant Lilia — he lives nearby and frequents the neighborhood spot for chef Missy Robbins’ creamy, saffron-topped agnolotti, straight from the counter.

Food also inspires Bronson’s raps — his 2011 mixtape “Bon Appetit … Bitch!” for example, includes tracks such as “Dabble in Truffles” and “Ceviche.” Here Bronson shares his thoughts on some of the Big Apple foods that fuel him.

Greek Shish Kebabs

Broadway and 31st Street, Astoria

Annie Wermiel

This cart’s been operating for the last 20 years, as far as Bronson can remember. Its pork shish kebabs are the just the right levels of charcoal-grilled…

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