About the New Mexico treasure hunt police want to end after 2 deaths

New Mexico police are asking a millionaire antiquities dealer to end the hunt for his hidden treasure filled with gold and jewels after two adventure seekers have died searching for it.

Following the recent death of Colorado pastor Paris Wallace, who investigators believe was in search of the treasure, the AP reported that New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas has asked antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn to end the hunt for the treasure he claims is hidden in the Rocky Mountains.

According to the AP, Wallace disappeared last week while searching for the treasure along the Rio Grande in Northern Mexico. A body believed to be Wallace’s was discovered Sunday just seven miles from where he was last thought to have been.

Wallace’s death is the second that officials believe is linked to the hunt. Fenn claims tens of thousands of people have attempted to find his hidden treasure. This is how the hidden treasure hunt has unfolded.

What started the search for Fenn’s treasure:

In his 2010 memoir “The Thrill of the Chase,” New Mexico millionaire Forrest Fenn wrote a poem he said has clues leading to the hidden treasure. In 2015, he told ABC News affiliate KOAT that he estimated 30,000 people looked for the treasure in the summer of 2014 and he expected an estimated 50,000 to look for the treasure in the summer of 2015.

“I wanted the monetary value to be a consideration for those who are looking for it, but mostly my motive was to get kids off the couch and away from their texting machines and out in the mountains,” Fenn told KOAT, while adding that the closest someone has come to finding the treasure is within 200 feet of the hidden spot.

While the millionaire remains silent on the value of the treasure box, the New Mexico Tourism Department estimates the value to be at least $2 million.

In 2015, Fenn told ABC News that the treasure includes 265 gold coins — “mostly American eagles and double eagles, hundreds of gold nuggets, some as large as chicken eggs,…

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