Abcam Provides Immunohistochemistry Protocol Optimization in Educational Webinar

Thomas Ruyle Scientific Support, Abcam

Presented as part of the Abcam virtual exhibition: support and products to advance your research Virtual Event, this webinar will discuss how to optimize immunohistochemistry (IHC) protocols, best practices and will provide a review of top troubleshooting tips. Participants of this webinar will be better able to choose the correct antibody for IHC, as well as troubleshoot poor results.

The speaker for this event will be Thomas Ruyle, a scientific support specialist with Abcam.

Ruyle joined Abcam’s Scientific Support team in 2006 to help customers choose and work with antibodies for immunohistochemistry and other applications. Ruyle received a Bachelor of Science in microbiology from the University of Massachusetts while studying markers of leukocyte differentiation in Dr. Eric Martz’s lab. During several years in the biotech industry, he applied histology and IHC techniques while researching protein replacement and gene therapies for lysosomal storage disorders.

LabRoots will host the webinar December 6, 2017, beginning at 9:00 a.m. PST, noon EST. To learn about this event and the continuing education credits offered, or to register for free, click here.

About Abcam

As an innovator in reagents and tools, our purpose is to serve life science researchers globally to achieve their mission, faster. Providing the research and clinical communities with tools and scientific support, we offer highly validated biological binders and assays to address important targets in critical biological pathways.

Already a pioneer in data sharing and ecommerce in the life sciences, our ambition is to be the most influential company in life sciences by helping advance global understanding of biology and causes of disease, which, in turn, will drive new treatments and improved health.

Two-thirds of the world’s 750,000 life science researchers use Abcam’s affinity binders, reagents, biomarkers and assays and our products are mentioned in over 20,000 of the 56,000 peer-reviewed papers published each year in the life sciences.

By actively listening to and collaborating with researchers, we continuously advance our portfolio to address their needs. A transparent program of customer reviews and…

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