AAFMAA Mortgage Services Creates Military Builder Site, For Military Families Interested In Custom Built Homes

Andy May, COO, AAFMAA Mortgage Services, announces two new websites: AAFMAA Builder and AAFMAA Realtor (find a Realtor) for military families. When thinking about relocating to North Carolina, Virginia, or Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Kansas, Tennessee, Maryland, or Delaware what are the important factors and which data can confirm the perfect home purchase? Visit aafmaa.com/relocation to access resources to help answer such questions or visit https://construction.aafmaa.com/ if interested in custom new home builders.

To start with, location is the most important factor. But what does that mean? Location means schools. Which schools have the best K-12 scores? When Andy May first moved to North Carolina, this data wasn’t available and the relocating buyer, like May at this time, would ask a Realtor.

Now, that data is available online through trusted and licensed professionals like those that make up the AAFMAA Mortgage Services team. Working with like-minded Realtors and Builders in local markets, AAFMAA Mortgage Services helps military families determine which schools (and other factors) are the best. Interested in finding a professional Realtor who isn’t in a controlled business arrangement? Interested in a professional Builder, contact AAFMAA Mortgage Services at 844-422-3622.

Location also means knowing where home prices are rising and/or where land is plentiful and will remain that way. Where are the hot-spots for shopping, sampling great specialty shops, and having a great meal? And of course, crime statistics. Many Realtors will simply talk in generalities. However, it is best to get actual test scores, and specific housing data through trusted professionals who are state-licensed.

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