A3 Education Offers Complimentary IoT Summer Class Using Acer CloudProfessor

Acer CloudProfessor Educational Development Kit

The A3 Education IoT class using Acer CloudProfessor is a great way for students to easily get started with coding, the Cloud and designing products,” said Maverick Shih, President of BYOC Smart Products, Acer Inc.

Acer America announced that its Acer CloudProfessor educational development kit is being used by A3 Education for its 2017 Internet of Things (IoT) online summer class that is being offered for free in many counties in California. Registration has opened for this new class, which develops students’ programming skills to design and build cloud-connected IoT devices using Acer CloudProfessor.

The class will teach students the basics of the Cloud, coding and more using Acer’s CloudProfessor IoT starter kit, which includes the CloudProfessor module, an Arduino development board, a variety of sensors and needed cables. Students are able to program various aspects of their connected devices at a range of skill levels, increasing up to more advanced topics such as robotics.

Students between the ages of 5-24(1) who have not yet completed high school can register now for the A3 Education IoT Summer Class here. The convenient online class and curriculum, which is available to students between July 1-August 31, will teach students about the Cloud, Coding and how to design Internet of Things with the Acer CloudProfessor kit and the Acer CloudProfessor app using their Android or iOS devices.(2) Class materials, which include video and written tutorials, manuals, an interactive app and the Acer CloudProfessor IoT kit will be provided for free to all registered students. The Acer CloudProfessor IoT kit is valued at $349 MSRP for the hardware, not including A3’s…

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