A Trip To Ecuador Can Be The Best Trip Of Your Life

Ecuador, a democratic republic in South America with 94% Spanish speaking population, holds prodigious attraction to the tourists due to its amazingly distinct natural beauty. The country houses a collection of all the four types of landscapes- the mountains, rain forests, coasts and the islands. The natural beauty of the place makes it unique in the world. The capital, Quito has been declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The species diversity of the place has made it one of the 17 megadiverse countries across the world.

The place has it all starting from the natural beauty to convenience, planning a trip to Ecuador can be exiting as well as satisfying in your summer or fall holidays. There are a many places to visit and a many things to see in the country. Starting from the Heritage towns to the Galapagos Island and the abundant wildlife, Ecuador holds a house full of mystery for its guests. Planning of your trip vastly depends on the number of days of your holiday and on your personal interests, as well.

In case you are an active person, and love the thrill of adventures, you can easily opt for hiking in the rain forest, or biking in the shadow of volcano. Rafting through the white water of the western Andes can also be your choice.  You can even opt for sea kayaking through the dense forest of Amazon and enjoy one of the best natural biodiversity in their natural habitat. In case, you like a comfortable holiday, you can opt for the best of the hotels in the area and take a tour of the place in a hired car. The place has all the facilities. Starting from the best of the lodges, restaurants to the great market place, the place provides every scope of enjoyment for the tourists.

The attraction of the place is multiplied by its combination of nature with luxury. This is a place where you can enjoy a comfy hotel lounge and at the same time continue bird watching. The natural beauty of the Galapagos is something to be remembered for a whole life time….

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