A Tool to Relax Your mind And Body To Eradicate Unwanted Thoughts

Self hypnosis is another tool to relax your mind and is similar to meditation. People think that self hypnotism is difficult and is related to magic. But, if learnt properly it is the best tool deep relaxation of brain.  Self hypnosis is nothing but hypnotizing yourself and is regarded as a tool to manage your stress. In this type of hypnosis there is no hypnotist. It also relaxes your body and decreases your stress hormones, distracting your mind from unlikable thoughts. The relaxation achieved through this process is intense and builds self confidence and manages your stress. The positive encouragements eradicate the unpleasant thoughts and gives positive energy to body as well brain. Unlike normal meditation, self hypnosis is useful to manage day to day stress.
The starting session is to decide whether you want the affirmations in yourself hypnosis session or not and if you want them, you have to use them before starting the session as you cannot think  about it when you reach the deep relaxation state. The next step is to find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Then relax your body closing your eyes with the imagination of relaxation waves running from your scalp to your body downwards, washing out all your stress. Feel the waves in your breathing, washing your head first, then neck, torso, arms, and finally the legs. You can feel your muscles relaxing as the waves washes them.
Next step is to deepen the relaxation state and keeping the thought in your mind that “I am feeling comfortable and relaxed and with every breathing I am more relaxed”, saying it to yourself, which will make your comfortable and relaxed. When you feel relaxed completely, start using the prepared affirmations and mix it with the suggested relaxation. The self-hypnosis sessions can be of 15 to 25 minutes and can be longer as your wish.
Another alternative for self-hypnosis is to listen to the hypnosis MP3, as you can listen to  them while relaxing when you are tired and do not want to hypnotize yourself. You can easily download this hypnosis from websites. These downloads provides relaxation, manages your stress improving your moods, boosts energy levels and relieves tension. These downloads are available and you can try them right now. Therefore, self hypnosis is an effective practical technique to deeply relax your mind as well as body and can be with or without declarations, depending up on your achievement from self hypnosis. The technique can be easily used at…

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