A Sneak Peek at the Benefits and Features of Symfony Web Development

Adhering to the Model, View, Controller standard, Symfony web development has become the most sought after web development framework that is written in PHP.  Many opine that this framework is an out and out winner as it comes in extraordinary open source framework that is free for all the users.  There are numerous benefits that the features of Symfony Web Development framework bring along.  This is one platform that provides with numerous development environments and tools too that help in automating the ordinary software engineering processes.

  • There are the code generation tools that are used for prototyping and also used for single click back end administration.
  • The logging features give the administrators detailed information related to the activities of an application.
  • There is a command line interface that helps in automating the deployment of an application between two different servers.
  • There is a debug panel that accelerates the debugging process by way of displaying the information that is needed on the page that the developer is working on.
  • There is an in built unit as well as a functional testing framework that allows development that is test driven.

In short, Symfony web development is designed in such a way that it optimizes the web application development and allows an expandable platform for more features to get accommodated with every new release.  Generally the complex web applications take a lot of development time.  Symfony aims at shortening this time and also aims at automating common tasks so that the developer can focus on various specifications of the web applications.


Symfony web development framework is a database engine independent framework in PHP and can be very easily installed as well as configured too.  It generates a readable code with the help of PHP Web Development. This framework allows integration with various vendor libraries features Propel plugins and also is easily extendable. The developers can easily take…

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