A Short Article Outlining Science

Science can be defined as a systematic enterprise which works by building and organizing knowledge using a form of testable predictions and explanations about the universe. It can also be described as an essential body of knowledge which one can apply reliably and explain rationally.

The field actually covers a number of branches including the following:

1. General Science. It can be defined as a course of study which encompasses introductory materials to all major biological, earth and physical sciences. It also works in illustrating the most common modes and methodologies of thinking used among the different sciences.

2. Physics. It is a branch which studies energy and matter and the specific interactions between them. Professional physicists are actually responsible in studying related subjects including time, light and gravity.

3. Astronomy. This branch involves scientifically studying objects found in space including galaxies, planets, stars and other similar and related objects. It also involves studying all celestial objects found in the universe such as planets and their individual satellites, meteors, stars, interstellar matter and comets. It also involves the investigation of the different clusters of galaxies. Expert astronomers can utilize telescopes, radio, optical equipment and other devices that are extremely useful in studying galaxies, planets and stars.

4. Radio Astronomy. It can be defined as the study of astrophysical phenomena and the universe by scrutinizing the manner through which they emit electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum’s radio part. Understanding this field can improve the level of your comprehension about the certain manner through which stars evolve the universe’s origin and the specific structure of galaxies.

5. Paleontology. This refers to the scientific study of the different forms of life that exist in past geological time periods. Upon the death of living things, their remains are usually buried in layers of mud. The…

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