A Shelter in Shelter Solution in Texas

Hurricane Harvey evacuees Cindy and Gordon receiving a ShelterBox tent

There are no words to describe it. I mean I can’t believe these people coming to help us like this, it’s so great.

This past week, it’s been reported that more than 43,000 people were displaced by Hurricane Harvey and forced to seek shelter in emergency evacuation centers. Humanitarian aid organization ShelterBox is bringing privacy and comfort to the evacuees through the distribution of its Shelter-in-a-Shelter tents.

After George R. Brown Convention Center, the largest shelter in Houston housing evacuees, surged to more than 10,000 people this week, ShelterBox has been setting up its Shelter-in-a Shelter humanitarian tents. The tents now serve as critically needed private spaces for healthcare, lactation stations, AA meeting locations, and places of worship at George R. Brown Convention Center. ShelterBox is also distributing blankets, solar lights, groundsheets, and school kits.

A ShelterBox response team, joined by Kerri Murray, President of ShelterBox USA, has been working across the affected areas, and was on site at George R. Brown Convention Center to help coordinate the set-up of the tents this week.

“It’s hard enough to lose your home and be traumatized by the massive devastation of a disaster. In these times, critical community services and support can be disrupted. We are providing the privacy tents to enable services to continue and a sense of normalcy to return. Women who are nursing still need places to breastfeed. People need places to receive counseling and attend AA and substance support meetings. People need places to worship,” says Murray. “In coordination with the Red Cross and Department of Public Health in Houston, ShelterBox USA set up Shelter-in-a-Shelter solutions that now serve as private spaces for HIV/STD consultation, lactation stations, places of worship, and more.”

At a shelter in Crosby, Texas, Shelter Box distributed tents for displaced families, half of whose homes washed away in the hurricane. Many of these vulnerable families have young children and are living in a shelter set up at the American Legion Club. “A woman who is seven months pregnant had tears in her eyes as she accepted a…

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