A Revolutionary, Non-Toxic Certified Marketplace, Launches Today

“The root cause of all weight gain is directly related to toxic chemicals in our food and personal care products”

Toxic Free Market™ is America’s first non-toxic certified marketplace. From personal care to pet care and everything in between, we certify that all products we offer are 100% free from toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients.

Ever-increasing amounts of research is uncovering just how toxic chemicals can directly lead to many health related issue and unexplained weight gain. In fact, James Uberti, Health and Nutrition Author, Founder & CEO of Toxic Free Market and Creator of the Toxic Free Diet http://toxicfreediet.net/ suggests that the, “root cause of all weight gain is directly related to our weight control system being manipulated, overloaded and poisoned by man-made fat fertilizing chemicals in personal care products, cosmetics, sales receipts, tap water, processed foods and household cleaning products. These toxic chemicals are either consumed or absorbed through the skin and accumulate in fat cells, and are known obesogens, neurotoxins, hormone disruptors and carcinogens.

The problem is that many personal care products today claim they are all natural, non-toxic or organic. The truth is they are often still filled with cheap toxic chemical fillers and harmful ingredients, despite the claims made on the label. Manufacturers can legally label their products as “organic” “natural” and “non-toxic” even though they’re still filled with toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, no organization today verifies or regulates the labeling of these types of products other than the companies manufacturing or marketing the product itself. “This was the purpose behind launching the company. Our passion is to provide consumers with a trusted marketplace where all our products we offer are 100% non-toxic and free from known toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients. We are fueled by the simple yet profound joy of making it easier for people and pets to live a toxic free life. Every day, we strive to set the best example we can for operating a non-toxic marketplace with product integrity and the well being of people and the planet in mind.” Says James Uberti, CEO Toxic Free Market.

About Us: At Toxic Free Market, http://www.toxicfreemarket.com

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