A Quick Guide to Cerebral Palsy Cases

Cerebral palsy is one of the most serious health problems caused by birth injuries, and poor oxygen supply to the brain during the birthing process even before or during pregnancy can be the cause of birth injuries. Such type of injury chases the parents along with the child life long. This article is a small attempt to make the readers familiar about what is it, causes of Cerebral palsy, and the claim you may get. It is a neurological disorder that obstructs the normal movement and muscle coordination posture and balance of the body. It generally happens due to the lack of sufficient amount of oxygen to the child’s brain during the birthing process. The unique needs of a child with cerebral palsy can be frustrating, but there are sources available to make parents familiar how to cope with the situation like this.


What causes Cerebral palsy?


Sometimes, because of medical malpractice and delivery mistakes during labor or childbirth or due to a lack of oxygen to the brain, or premature delivery, or birth trauma. But it doesn’t mean that cerebral palsy in a child is only the result of medical malpractice and delivery mistakes.


Different Types of Cerebral Palsy:


 Athetoid cerebral palsy

 Spastic cerebral palsy 

 Ataxic cerebral palsy


If medical malpractice is linked to a child’s development of cerebral palsy, there may be following reason:

Failure to detect the infections during pregnancy or fail to treat the infection on time


When the health provider fails to detect the infection to the mother like rubella, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, severe jaundice may damage a fetus’ developing nervous system. Other infections in the expectant mothers that may often go unnoticed previously are now being identified as a cause of brain damage of the unborn infant.


Could not detect a prolapsed umbilical cord; fail to monitor the heart rate of the fetal before and during labor and birth, negligence…

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