A PEO Can Free You Up to Launch Your Social Media Campaign!

Social networking has taken the world by storm; just log on to your computer and you’re probably bombarded by Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.  Add to that your email and your blog, and you can easily be at your computer for the long haul. Social media is time-consuming but the advantages can be numerous.  Businesses worldwide are capitalizing on this new form of advertising by harnessing social media to broaden their network and customer base while improving their customer service. With the current economic struggle, integrating your small business into a social network will not only benefit your company, it may be the difference between keeping your business afloat or watching it sink. 
Transitioning a small business to becoming active on social sites can be challenging.  Some business owners and managers do not know how to begin social networking, nor do they have the time necessary to fully develop this means of advertisement and branding. Using sites and blogs such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ can be complex and most definitely time consuming.  Below are several tips to help make this transition into the social media world manageable.

Apply social media to improve your customer base and network.

Putting your business out on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Google +, or Facebook is one of the best ways to increase your customer reach. On these websites you can specifically promote your business to your ideal target audience, allowing you to reach more people and strengthen your customer database.

Social networking can improve customer service.

One of the most beneficial aspects of social networking is that it allows a small business to easily maintain a relationship with customers.  Social networking sites facilitate communication; a click of a mouse equates to contact with hundreds or even thousands of current and potential clients.  Furthermore, social networking is a great means to offer promotions or receive feedback.

Use every post to your advantage.

Always view each post, tweet, or blog entry as a marketing effort to prove the value of your service or product.  Each post does not have to be promotional.  In fact, I would advise against trying to sell yourself.  At the onset of your introduction to the social networking world, you want to attract followers through exciting and relevant information.  Develop a group of followers by showing that you truly understand the industry and then slowly incorporate your…

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