A New You Fitness Show

A New You Fitness television show. Executive producer Kevin Watson, Sound design Marley Marl, Hosted by pro trainers Karen Hill & Tony Hill

Who is the real winner of a fitness television show? Although people may lose weight while they’re on the show, they don’t necessarily change their lifestyle. They don’t always focus on mindset shifts or address metabolism issues. The crash diets only lead them to regain weight as soon as they get home. That helps networks earn advertising gold as casts return to get back in shape.

A New You is a different kind of fitness show that hopes to be the face of family-friendly advertisers. In this family TV show, the contestant is the clear winner.

A New You is a fitness television show that aims to help people make long-term behavioral changes to improve their health. Instead of taking contestants out of their real-world settings, this program films families in their own homes. This meaningful program concentrates on creating a lifelong relationship between the hosts and the contestant family. The show uses family counseling, healthy dieting, enjoyable fitness routines and holistic remedies to set up a foundation of wellness for life. It’s not just focused on losing weight for the final episode.

The show brings together expert talent to help people change their lives. The endurance music, playlists, and sound design are created by music producer and hip-hop legend Marley Marl. His custom sounds set the stage for the workouts. Kevin Watson, the show’s creative director, is also one of the executive producers. He was the chief technology officer at the award-winning branding and broadcast design firm Attik. He was also one of the original tenured employees of the internet marketing firm…

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