A New Novel, Tyranny of Secrets, Sounds Alarms About Election Hacking

“Short but impressive actioner featuring dynamic characters and a memorable open ending.” – Kirkus Reviews

Tyranny of Secrets, recently released from author John Statton, sets an adventure story against some of today’s most relevant issues—presidential election hacking, government privacy intrusion and oligarchs controlling society. Combining suspenseful action with well-developed characters, this is a topical cyber-thriller.

The story follows a gifted computer scientist, Mariana McAllister, recruited into the shadowy side of a computer security company. Manipulated by the CEO, she leads a team to hack the British national election, at the personal cost of a shattered relationship. Years later she discovers the code she created being used to hijack the US Presidential contest and start a mass-surveillance state. With her former lover, attorney Sander Bonham, in the cross-hairs of an assassin intent on keeping him from exposing the conspiracy, Mariana has to use all of her skills to find the truth. Unless she can fight back, a small elite will control society by controlling its citizen’s data and secrets.

Statton described the book, “Like a lot of us, I was shocked by Snowden’s NSA whistle-blowing revelations, and there’s no reason to think that the state’s power to surveil our activities has lessened. By the 2016 national election, the writing was substantially finished, and election meddling was drawing attention. The story’s themes involving hackers and oligarchs hijacking the national election hit very close to current headlines.”

Reviewers have praised the novel. Kirkus Reviews called it a, “Short but impressive actioner featuring dynamic characters and a memorable open ending.” The Booklife Prize said, “This dialogue-driven story makes for a speedy, easy read. The prose suits the subject matter well, and the action sequences are superbly crafted nail biters. This is a visual novel that could be easily adapted for film.”

Tyranny of Secrets

By John Statton

ISBN: 978-0-9992050-0-6 (electronic)

Available at Amazon for eReaders. Retails for $2.99

About the Author: Statton is a 20-year Silicon Valley technology attorney with a strong interest in privacy protection. He learned about the rough and tumble…

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