A Look at My Life Through Feng Shui

My friend Tracy is a Feng Shui expert and a healer of spaces. She’s come to my apartment twice now, and through her, I actually feel like I’m meeting my apartment and becoming friends with this space. It’s beginning to feel like home.

When I moved in, six months ago, I owned books and clothes – mostly only what I had brought in my car when I drove from Alaska to LA just over a year ago. I’d done a lot of purging, of course. For many months, it felt good to be light in possessions, but moving into an apartment, I needed things. And, amazingly, they appeared! My new friends in LA gifted me with everything I needed. Brian brought me furniture from his friends Jennifer and Thom in San Diego, and viola, I had a futon, a TV stand, a kitchen table, bedding, cushions, and towels. Jessica gifted me with a fully stocked kitchen – pots, pans, bowls, a toaster, blender, baking ware, etc – from the home of her recently passed sister. Reuben’s family lent me a bed, he upgraded his TV so he could give me is old one, and he bought me plants for my porch. Margaret gave me a lamp and vacuum cleaner. Stacy gave me a corner table, curtains, glasses, plates, and more towels and bedding. My brother and his wife gave me chairs for my kitchen table. And, Leyla gave me a bookcase and nightstand. You get the point, right? Everything I needed appeared for me, and my apartment is full of generosity and kindness.

So, I’m blessed, and I love living here. And the apartment I’m in is the second story at the end, so I actually have windows on three walls, and no one else but me walks past my front door. It’s quiet, it’s pretty, and the building has a pool! What more could I want?

And, yet, because I didn’t really pick anything out for this place, it almost hasn’t felt like my home. I love living in California, and I don’t plan on leaving LA anytime soon, but I have had a hard time really settling in and landing. I’m an Alaskan girl, at heart. And to transfer my alliance to California, well… that’s taking some time.

Therefore, walking through my space with Tracy, seeing the space through new eyes, and thinking about the energy and flow of my living space has been good for me. First off, Tracy did directional readings and created a report for me, outlining the eight directional sections of my apartment on a to-scale floor plan. Then, she included information for me about each direction, what it represents, and what element governs it. It’s quite a complicated process, and I’m in awe…

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