A juice bar taste test

Our not-quite-scientific panel rates some of Seattle’s freshest blends.

ONCE YOU START looking for a juice bar, you likely won’t have to look far — they’ve cropped up all over. In some neighborhoods, they are nearly as ubiquitous as coffee shops.

I didn’t realize Seattle had turned into such a juice city, but clearly plenty of people love a refreshing, and often spendy, hit of juiced vegetables and fruit.

So how do you begin to decide on one, beyond choosing the one closest to you?

Checking out all the city’s juice bars is an impossible task, so we selected a few based on online ratings. We learned that cold-pressed, bottled juices have more nutrients, but we forged ahead with tasting fresh ones, higher nutrients be damned.

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Features editor Paige Collins and features producer Shirley Qiu did the honors — if you call downing eight juices in a row an honor — for a blind taste test in two categories: vegetable-based green juice, and beet- or carrot-based juice. They rated each 1 to 5, based on taste, smell and texture.

Green juice winner

Green Juniper, Jars Juice, $6.95 (jarsjuice.com)

Rating: 4.5

This blend of apple, lemon, celery, ginger, kale, parsley, Swiss chard and spinach is the most popular option at Jars Juice in South Lake Union, and apparently for good reason: It is sweeter, with a good apple flavor, and bright. Unlike the other green juices we tried, it didn’t taste like a salad. Shirley said she would buy this.


Ab’s Green Religion, Juicy Cafe, 20 ounces, $7.95 (thejuicycafe.com)

Rating: 3.5

The tasters found this “energy booster” and “joy promoter” initially jarring. After a few more sips of the lemon, ginger and greens concoction from Juicy Cafe, which has several locations, they came around, and Paige decided she liked it. Shirley felt it tasted healthy, but was overpowering. Neither could drink much.


Green Fitness Juice, Jucivana, 24 ounces, $7.49 (jucivana.com)

Rating: 2.75

As soon as Paige tasted this mix of cucumber, celery, ginger, kale and lime from the juice stand in the International District, her face puckered: It tasted like celery water. Shirley found it refreshing, and a good choice for a certain mood. “Maybe you just want to chug some celery water,” she said.


Turmeric Green, Juicebox, 16 ounces, $9 (juiceboxseattle.com)

Rating: 1.7

This juice, from Capitol…

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