A hero of Watergate has some advice for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the only person who can end the speculation surrounding his connections to Russia, according to Watergate hero Bill Ruckelshaus. If President Trump has done nothing wrong, he should release all relevant information.

Bill Ruckelshaus knows White House skulduggery when he sees it. A former deputy attorney general who is the last prominent survivor among the Watergate investigators who brought down President Richard Nixon, Ruckelshaus has some advice for President Donald Trump.

“There is only one person that could shut down all the current speculation and that is Trump,” he said the other day in an email from Seattle, where he practices law. “If he would turn over all the information he has and instruct his minions to do the same, and there is no incriminating evidence involving him, the speculation would end.” 

Oh, and one other thing: Don’t even think about firing Robert Mueller, the special counsel looking into Trump connections to Russia and related matters.

Ruckelshaus resigned from Nixon’s Justice Department in 1973 after refusing to follow the president’s order to fire special counsel Archibald Cox, who was leading the Watergate probe. That happened hours after the departure for the same reason of Attorney General Elliott Richardson.

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Ruckelshaus, now 84, also had been an acting director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation when it was conducting the early inquiry into the break-in by a team of Republican operatives at the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate complex near the White House. He has an acute sense of how these matters evolve.

In the current scandal, he notes that Trump “after all, says he has done nothing wrong.” If that’s true, Ruckelshaus says, it’s a good reason to release everything that might be relevant to the investigation.

“There is a time limit on his ability to do this,” Ruckelshaus…

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