A Couture Private Jet Takes Flight With First Class Pups Onboard

First Class Fluff – Moscow Watch Dogs Onboard Recently Completed Gulfstream Private Jet by International Jet Interiors

This private jet is perfectly outfitted for any traveler – two legged or four.”

Each private jet completion that International Jet Interiors in New York accepts takes on a unique personality and truly reflects the owner’s travel style and personal preferences.

Eric H. Roth, President of International Jet Interiors, recently had a very distinctive refurbishment request from a client. “In addition to discussing floor plan modifications and a cabin management system,” recalls Roth, “The owner inquired if we would we be able to make the cabin dog friendly.”

“Our client shared that they regularly travel with their three, extra-large, uber-fluffy Moscow Watchdogs; the very first 3 of 14 Moscow Watchdogs born in the United States.” Roth continues, “We have created cozy pet rest areas onboard aircraft in the past… but this jet refurbishment request was absolutely unprecedented. Ultimately, we designed and created a work of art, and skillfully exceeded our client’s expectations by handcrafting their ultimate vision of a sophisticated, contemporary cabin environment, without sacrificing details in lieu of a puppy paradise. This private jet is perfectly outfitted for any traveler – two-legged or four.”

Known for their custom designs and couture capabilities, the team at International Jet Interiors designed and handcrafted one of the most couture Gulfstream jets found on any runway. A cabin complete with bespoke Hermes details and an artistically placed Boaz Vaadia statue onboard, they succeeded too, in making design accommodations and modifications “paw-fect” for three of the furriest four-legged pets you have ever seen.

CNBC is featuring this luxury refurbishment by International Jet Interiors on the season premiere of Secret Lives of the Super Rich on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 10 PM EST. VIP access was given to CNBC cameras, as they captured exclusive footage of the design meetings, various completion stages and ultimately the delivery to the client.

International Jet Interiors is a boutique, private jet completion center located in Ronkonkoma, New York….

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