A Cost-Efficient Alternative to Electric Driveway Gates

The constant increase in the incidents of thefts and burglaries has made it essential for homeowners to invest in advanced home security investments. Many people even implement a comprehensive strategy to keep their loved ones safe and secure. If you are looking for options to enjoy a huge amount of security, privacy and convenience, it is a good idea to replace your conventional systems with any of the automatic driveway gate designs available in the market.

However, you must concentrate on certain features and functionalities of the gates to choose the best models for your home. Along with the size, design, style and access mechanism, you also need to concentrate on the type of gate operator used by the driveway gates. Normally, these gate operators open or close the driveway gates from a distance through some type of access mode. But the operator is controlled by a motor that runs through electricity. So the regular use of electronic driveway gates will increase your monthly electricity bills.

A modern homeowner also has options to choose from several alternatives to the electronic driveway gates. If you are looking for a smart way to avail the advantages of automatic driveway gates without increasing your monthly electricity bills, it is a great idea to install solar powered gate operators. As the name indicates, these gate operators open and close the driveway gates by using the electricity generated by harnessing the solar power. Most of the DIY solar powered gate openers kits include solar panels.

These photovoltaic panels are designed specifically to capture the sunlight, and convert the sunlight into electricity. However, you must install these at a place where the panels can capture and process a huge amount of sunlight. The energy generated by the solar panels can also be stored in a grid or batteries. The stored energy will be used to operate the gates when no sunlight is available. If you are residing in an area with plenty of sun, the panels will be effective in generating more electricity. Similarly, the panels must be installed on a location that is not shadowed by trees and similar large structures.

When you open and close the driveway gates more than fifteen times on an average day, it will increase the solar energy consumption. Similarly, the operator will require more energy to operate the large and heavy driveway gates. So you must decide the design and size of the solar panels by keeping in mind the size, design and use of the…

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