A challenging Facebook contest to heal homesickness, on LlamaRepublicaDominicana.com

One of the most significant challenges that people abroad face is homesickness. Missing family, friends, the traditional food, the familiar places, all the things formerly known as “home”. On International Homesickness Day, LlamaRepublicaDominicana.com sends an optimistic message: “It’s ok to be homesick, because your home is where your heart is, but your heart can be in many places at a time”. This year, the special surprise the website prepared for their customers is a Facebook contest, offering $10 free Voice Credit for international calls.

The contest is open starting September 27 until October 1 and the winner will be picked randomly on October 2. All customers have to do is share the most interesting life lesson they learned after moving abroad.

Customers can stay connected to the Dominican Republic using any of the 3 products available on LlamaRepublicaDominicana.com: Voice Credit, Mobile Recharge, and Virtual Numbers. The standard Voice Credit rates are 3.5¢/min for landlines, and 9.9¢/min for mobiles.

The mobile recharge is a service through which customers can recharge mobile phones anywhere in the world. The process is fast and secure and the credit reaches its destination instantly. The mobile operators available for recharges to the Dominican Republic are Claro, Orange, Viva, Tricom, and Moun.

To feel closer to their loved ones, customers may also access the Virtual Number service, a monthly subscription created especially for the people back home. Thus, anyone calling the customers’ Virtual Number will pay the regular rate of a local call.

LlamaRepublicaDominicana.com is available both in English and Spanish, so customers can navigate using the language that is more familiar to them. With the same purpose of finding the information needed easily, the website also offers 24/7 Customer Support, that can be contacted by email or phone.

To find out more about offers and promotions for mobile top ups to the Dominican Republic or about international calling rates to this country, customers are invited to follow LlamaRepublicaDominicana.com on its Facebook page: Facebook.com/LlamaRepublicaDominicana.

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