A Brief on Types of Predictive Dialers

Technology is increasing continually at a rapid pace. Businesses around the world are always on a lookout for an effective marketing solution that can help them to increase their customer satisfaction level, sales and profitability. Call centers have definitely played a notable role in increasing the marketing and sales effort of the businesses and organizations around the world.

Call centers receives and dial calls in large volumes whether it is related to increase the sales ratio by a sales campaign or to provide a better customer service, or perhaps even to conduct a survey or to provide technical support. In fact, they aid numerous businesses in numerous ways. Swift and speedy dialing is the key feature in this industry that allows the call center businesses to increase their productivity by allowing them to dial more number of calls. There are many dialers available in the market that performs quick dialing; predictive dialer has proven it to be the embossed and prominent choice. Predictive dialers are the call processing system that has various unique functionalities. A predictive dialer uses statistical algorithms to dial a list of telephone numbers. It screens and eliminates the unproductive calls such as answering machines, fax & busy tones, etc. and transfers only the answered calls to the agents. The primary goal is to increase the average calls per hour time for each agent. Besides, each dialer is integrated with the scripting tools, IVR, TPT and other such functionalities.

Currently there are three different types of predictive dialers available in the market which includes web based predictive dialers, hosted predictive dialers and VoIP based predictive dialers. These dialers can be configured and manage accordingly to the different time zones and can blend calls accordingly. It is also incorporated with the features such as handling of ‘do not call lists’. The main purpose of the predictive dialer is to connect the live agent to the new…

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