A Brief Guide To Basic Information On Australian Law by Keyshawn Hansen

A competent lawyer from Parramatta is highly sought after in the city, which is the economic capital of Greater western Sydney and the administrative seat of the local government. Considered as the sixth largest business district in Australia, Parramatta is buzzing with activities of agencies like the New South Wales Police Force, Sydney central business district, development in transport interchange, and ongoing activities of the civic place local government precinct. There are numerous legal issues beyond the knowledge of a layman to be dealt with everyday. For the relief of citizens, an excellent team of lawyers, solicitors, and attorneys of the area come to the aid of the people in need of legal help.

The Legal System of Australia

The legal system and law in Australia can be complicated for a common man, as it is based on laws enacted not only by the Parliament of Australia, but also by the states and territories of Australia that are self-governing with separate jurisdictions. Courts in Australia can be characterized by:

* Supreme Court

* State courts

* Federal courts

* General courts

* Specialist courts

* Courts under general jurisdiction

* Courts under limited jurisdiction

* Magistrate or local courts

The decisions of the Supreme Court are final and regarded impeachable, unless they are set aside on appeal.

Initially, the Australian law system was modeled on the historical English court; eventually, it was replaced by a complex law structure. The legal system is divided into different categories for fast functioning of the courts. The categorization and specialization of the laws saves time and effort for everyone involved in legal activities. Some common categories of the Australian legal system are:

* Criminal law

* Family law

* Traffic law

* Constitutional law

* Administrative law

* Contract law

* Copyright law

* Sedition law

* Heritage law

* Insurance law

* Labor law

* Migration law

* Privacy law

* Security law

* Tort law

* Same sex marriage law

The different categories can confuse a person with limited knowledge of Australian laws. On the positive side, a competent lawyer from Parramatta, functioning in and around the area, provides legal assistance to citizens in times of need.

How To Find A Competent Lawyer From Parramatta

A reputable lawyer from Parramatta working in well-known legal firms provides a variety of legal services in all categories of law, like the criminal or traffic law. People associated with legal activities strongly…

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