A bold, brilliant and ingenious move to rectify heretofore unexplained scientific truth

…we will shake it, but will not shift it…will transcend to see beyond what we know and open the avenues of uncovering the deeper secrets of nature that will easily explain: why the earth (planet) spins but not its moon.

Ours is a universe overflowing with mysteries and secrets and the proven way to unlock these unknowns is through science. Since time immemorial, scientists have been toiling to unearth and provide logical explanations to the laws of the universe to provide us with the necessary knowledge to better our lives and make this world a more habitable place. The scientific process, however, is among the most rigorous, starting with an initial hypothesis, which then becomes a theory, and finally a law. Some of the most quintessential of these scientific laws—which had been widely taught and utilized in a myriad of applications—include those by Newton, Maxwell, Einstein and others.

Beyond the Theories of Newton, Maxwell and Others, aims to debunk or expand on some of those age-old scientific laws.

This potentially important work in the natural sciences exposes the weaknesses of the classical scientific doctrines and demonstrates how to effectively abolish them. It aims to elaborate on some of the naturally developing events that are insufficiently defined by classical mechanics and electrodynamics. Some level of understanding of the basics in mathematics, mechanics, electricity and magnetism is helpful, but not mandatory to appreciate the book. Readers are likely to appreciate the author’s scientific journey that led him to some unprecedented discoveries and extraordinary triumphs.

Important questions about everyday observable facts, such as … “Why does the planet earth spin but not its moon? How to observe the spin of electrons? Why are there 7 rows and 8 columns in the periodic table? Why are there only 118 atomic elements and not more?” …which do not have existing scientific explanations are given some scientifically convincing and mathematically derived answers in this book.

Overall, Beyond the Theories of Newton, Maxwell and Others is the author’s brave response to numerous challenges given to him in his illustrious academic career by mentors, colleagues and friends—all of whom inspired him to do the right…

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