A Back Bay Restaurant Library Experience

Welcome back food lovers. Last week we got ready for an extensive trip to the Suffolk University library. This extraordinary building is not only home to some of the most sought after novels and textbooks, it is also filled with bright minds snacking on smart food choices.


On our way to the library we found ourselves walking through the delightfully scented North End in Boston. Walking by one of our favorite Back Bay Restaurant sandwich shops we found it irresistible to walk by without grabbing a snack. So without much of a fight, we agreed to give our studying session a later start so we could sink our teeth into a mouthwatering, classic Italian sub. Immediately feeling confident that our choice to take a quick detour into this shop to taste some of the freshest veggies, cheeses, meats, and breads in Boston. It was determined that this journey was one of the best choices we would make today. Also, now we’re ready to settle down with our stack of homework and study guides for the last weeks of school.


Last week, we left off gazing out over the Boston Commons with a ripe granny smith apple, touched by the sun from the other side of the window. As wonderful as this may sound, we must not forget our task at hand: school work. As delicious as a good Back Bay Restaurant can be, they can also be very distracting. When walking anywhere in Boston, there is constantly café’s, pubs, and restaurants enticing us to come in for a quick nibble of something sweet or to come stay for extensive periods of time and sip on a chilled beer. This is not to say that living and studying in Boston is a bad thing. However, freshly baked Regina’s pizza is almost always more exciting and desirable than studying statistics or human biology.


So, we dive into our school work with the hope that soon a friend will want to grab lunch with us. And, sure enough, hours later a good friend of ours texts us the best thing we’ve heard all day. Inside this text is the invitation to have a burger and drink at a local pub. Immediately wanting to pack our bags and head for the door we text back that we would love to meet. However, we need to put a close on our current studies. Making sure that all of our loose ends are tied and a sufficient amount of work has been completed so far today, we leave the marvelous library and head down the street. At this time, the air has settled and it is beginning to become dusk. The sky is a beautiful orange-green and the air feels crisp. With…

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