A 10 Year Celebration Deserves More Than Just a Cake

It’s been truly amazing to work with the most talented team members to empower artists throughout the world to create art that tells a story.

The DBH community understands the importance of artistic expression and is proud to be a key player in sharing it with the rest of the world. They’re excited to celebrate 10 years of promoting apparel innovation, community, and creative design by offering a limited edition t-shirt collection! Celebrate DBH’s 10th Anniversary with an exclusive screen printed tee, featuring a variety of print techniques including jumbo, all over prints, and the artist’s signature on the back.

DBH invited five of their original artists from around the world to create a limited 10th Anniversary design. Each design, available for $24 or $100 for all five, has its own unique blend of creative expression and undeniable magnetism.

Kdeuce, hailing from the Philippines and living in Hawaii, has fashioned a distinctive Koi design that echoes of Japanese calligraphy, with its smooth and feathered brush stroke. The grayscale design pops with turquoise highlights and moves with such grace and elegance that it practically swims off the shirt.

Mathiole, from Brazil, created an unexpected vision of dichotomy with a space traveler, overgrown with roses, floating aimlessly through the cosmos. Mathiole’s creative contributions to DBH, beginning in 2007, make him a beloved artist who never ceases to offer fans a journey into the imagination.

Mr-Nicolo offers a pulsating piece that captures your soul with its vibrancy and echoes of the mysterious. The prolific artist, also from the Philippines, created some of the most memorable t-shirt designs for fans and has been named one of the 20 Best Young Designers by BluPrint Magazine.

Neonbeast, from the US, invites you to visit a world where the geometric meets daydream, where exotic vision blurs reality and fantasy, and where artistic expression meets amazing technique. A dream landscape opens a door to illusion and invites you to become a part of the riddle.

Nicebleed, a collaborative duo of brothers from the Philippines, captures a moment in time with such exquisite detail that each glimpse offers new insight and inspiration. The pair, regularly featured in…

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