9 tips to teach you how to shoot beautiful Portrait silhouette

Tips 1: Separated from the background

The subject must be separated from the background. If the two were overlapped, the outline of the characters will not prominent, and people cannot see what you want to take in the picture. So if you find a more open sky, and put the figures into it, you’ll get enough eye-catching works.

Tips 2: Posture

When you find the right position and separate the subject from the background, it is necessary to deal with the characters’ movements and postures because the details in silhouette photo will disappear, and the audience is only able to judge what happened from the contour. For example, they will let newcomers slowly kissing, and they will soon press the shutter before they contact each other, once they really kissed, we are left with only a group of black stuff.

Tips 3: Composition

Yeah, there are many composition methods. You should just use the proper composition to shoot different pictures.

Tips 4: Opportunity

Dusk time is of course a good opportunity to shoot silhouette, sky is dyed by different colors, and white clouds also become iridescent cloud, this picture is the most beautiful.

Tips 5: Depth of Field

The photographer may usually adjust the aperture to f/8, so the photos can get as much detail as possible. But in some cases, it will increase the aperture to reduce the depth of field, to undermine the prospects for interference.

Tips 6: Angle

To let the main highlights from the background, one method is shooting from the ultra-low angle. For example, make people stand on the slopes and the background is the clean sky.

Tips 7: Artificial light

We will be unable to find the open space in some cases, such as in the dense woods, in this case, we can use the flash / lamp to make portrait silhouette, those light around the main outer edge will create beautiful results.

Tips 8: Using wide-angle lens

Using a wide-angle lens, the screen can create contrast between the body and other subject, and the photos will be more…

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