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Narrowly escaping before the plane exploded. We want to move to stand offovernight. All started by a desperate couple on the the run from the cops. They barricaded themselves inside a home. Stephanie Ramos is in center valley, Pennsylvania. Good morning to you. Reporter: Dan and Paula, good morning. This road is open now. It was a completely didn’t scene out here yesterday. Officers from several agencies on the ground in the air, trying to capture these two suspects on the run. This quiet rural Pennsylvania neighborhood terrorized Saturday. Police saying an armed man an woman made their way through town, breaking into homes, after shooting at police. Ale has a handgun. Shots were fired. Reporter: Leading officers on a nine-hour chase. Get me the k-9 yints and state police if you can. Reporter: Residents put on lockdown. Local police say it started when officers tried to pull over the two suspects for parole violations. He’s not stopping. Reporter: But ended up firing at the officers before taking off. The individuals entered at least two homes that we know of. There’s no bell ring. No door knocking. No nothing. Reporter: This man, bravely coming face to face with one of the alleged suspects. He was holding a gun this long. He kept hollering, give me the keys. I said, I don’t have them. Reporter: The suspects running away again. Before barricading themselves at another house. The police officers approached the home. There were three gunshots heard. Reporter: Ending the nine-hour ordeal in the same town where it all began. Authorities tell us at no point did police officers fire at the suspects. Not during the chase. Not at noi of the standoff locations. When police officers got to this area, the last home where the two suspects had barricaded themselves, that’s where they found that man and woman dead in the attic from an apparent murder-suicide. Dan and Paula? A long night of reporting for you….

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