8-Year-Old’s Pollinator Garden Mobile App and Advocacy for Reducing Lawn Waste Wins Award in International Innovation Challenge

Kedar Narayan

Most people think only adults can solve problems. That’s not true.

Kedar Narayan, known as “Little Code Ninja,” is an eight-year-old with a long resume and a headline-grabbing plan. Narayan builds mobile apps with his eyes closed, solves problems with the ease of a child who does not hear the word “no,” and plans to “out-Buffett Buffett.” He is the kind of kid who already has done so much with his life that it makes adults’ heads spin.

This summer, Narayan won 1st place for his age group in The Paradigm Challenge, an international youth innovation and kindness competition. Narayan’s Pollinator Garden App and his compelling argument that we should replace our lawns with pollinator gardens earned him a trip to Los Angeles for The Paradigm Challenge Prize Ceremony on July 29th.

Narayan is quick on his feet and a natural on the stage. The ease he displays in his TEDx Talk and TV appearances belies his age and bodes for a bright future in explaining complicated ideas in layperson’s terms. When Narayan appeared on Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots,” Harvey opened their interview by asking, “What, exactly, is coding?” By the end of the show, Harvey was sold and told Narayan he wanted to invest in Narayan’s company one day.

Which brings us to Narayan’s plan to “out-Buffett Buffett.” Narayan started watching – and studying – Warren Buffett’s “Secret Millionaires Club” series when he was six years old. He also studies a chart that documents Mr. Buffett’s wealth as a function of age. “Kedar has been using the chart as a barometer for his own success,” explains his father, Kartik. ”Kedar has calculated that, with his winnings from The…

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