8 Tips to Help Smoking Quit

“The beginning of a new year, I’ll stop smoking” – Lots of people say this when the year is ending up. In this article about some advice that assists farewell from cigarettes.

1st Nicotine Dependency Test

You say you do not smoke? Only occasionally, perhaps in light entertainment it? Fill out our test and find out that he is only sleeping pill and a serious nicotine addiction, or are you able to make a cigarette.

Just to reach the destination and customs can stop smoking that really motivated. Consider the advantages, if you have not eliminating bad breath, smoke smelling clothes, filled with smoked housing, enjoyed the food taste better, less coughing, and increased life expectancy. Always keep in mind these benefits! Better yet, get a note to record the reasons for, and if you fall into temptation again, read them for yourself.

2nd Celebrate quit!

Express your environment is to quit smoking! Some people feel that everything must be the home of the state or the working environment, which reminds smoking – cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays. For others to work out, for example, if an old ashtray filled to the brim mind leaving the old cigarettes.

3rd Third Avoid stress
Who is the stress and time pressure is being lit cigarettes usually sooner. Smoking cessation timing of the start of a stress-free period! Easier to say goodbye to many of the adverse passion of a quieter work period.

4th The rituals substitute for smoking!

The motto is: do not give up, but to replace! Think of pleasant things that a normal cigarette substitute and enjoy the new one! The morning cigarette replace an apple! In stressful situations, instead keep more cigarette break, or work for 5 minutes, or put your feet in a horizontal position! Instead go to a smoky pubs restaurant, etc..

5th Change your eating habits!

Smoking cessation, many people are faced with another problem: The balance sheet shows that the growing weight. Therefore, you think of the last cigarette in front of your diet. In fact, many people instinctively resort to harmful eg. eat chocolate. Avoid high-fat and sugary foods! Under no circumstances should you try to lose weight at the same time, and to stop smoking! Two such elusive goal for most people to achieve too much strain. Likely be more successful if the
weight of nicotine and tackle sequentially implemented.

6th Treat Yourself!

Quitting smoking during reward yourself! Take a real good-bye to the adverse passion, it is not easy. The money you will save on cigarettes to…

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