8 things that will be more expensive in August

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Back-to-School Supplies

Not surprisingly, August is a big month for back-to-school shopping. Sales on school supplies are easy to find, but the prices might not be as low compared to other months. Since retailers know consumers are looking for sales on school supplies during August, it’s not uncommon for them to stock up on lots of shiny new things that are more expensive than your traditional supplies. Shelves will be stocked with inexpensive “loss leaders,” like pencils and paper to get you in the door. But retailers count on you to also purchase full-priced items with high profit margins – like binders, graph paper and computer memory sticks, according to Time.com.

BONUS TIP: Consider keeping a stock of basic and inexpensive school supplies, like paper, pens, pencils and binders to get you through the first few weeks of school. Wait to buy the rest of your school supplies in September, which is typically the best month to score rock-bottom prices on this stuff.

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Deals on televisions are usually scarce during the summer months, and prices are still high on HDTVs in August. Prices do start to drop in the fall, as the summer comes to a close and the holiday season starts to ramp up. If you need to purchase a new TV before the prime season, DealNews recommended looking for a name-brand 55-inch TV or larger for around $500, although you might be able to save around $100 by going for an off-brand.

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Apple Products

August is a terrible time to upgrade your Apple devices because the company usually unveils their upcoming models in September or October, reported DealNews. This means the price on an Apple device purchased in August will immediately begin to lose value in the coming weeks and months.

BONUS TIP: If you’re in the market for a new iPhone or iPad, either purchase it earlier in the summer or wait for deals on older models in the fall.

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Football Memorabilia

When summer comes to a close and football season is just around the corner, there is a push for retailers to start selling football memorabilia. In 2014, Nike —the official brand for NFL team uniforms —raised its prices for higher-end jerseys, reported Time. Fans had to fork over anywhere from…

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