7 Tips for Shooting Couple Photos

1. Hug

Shooting couple photos is naturally cannot lack of the embrace POSE. If the couple feels not natural while facing the lens, you can let them start at the basic embrace posture, and then try in more postures to get more photos.

2. Bright

You can try to add some bright colors to the screen, and then adjust the color saturation and the screen brightness in post-processing. The couple’s special cloths can also increase the fun in the screen, such as a very popular way that the couple changes their clothes, just give it a try.

3. Environment

In the case of scenario allows, you can enlarge the background as much as possible. Rich environment can reproduce the shooting moment in the picture. Just remember that don’t be afraid to add background to the photos.

4. Details

The details are the key elements which determine the level of the photo. Selectively highlighting the details and you will get a richer screen. However, they are commonly found in any corner of the screen: clothing, wrinkles, water stains, meaningless actions, instantaneous eyes or things only belong to the two of you.

5. Focal length

Take good use of the telephoto lens. Using the telephoto lens allows you to blur the background. And the wide angle lens will let the model looks more slender.

6. Space

The sense of space is the same as the details, and it is also one of the key elements that decide the level of the photo. Good paintings can always let the views feel the depth of the space, which is same with the photography. Just remember to consider the expression of the sense of space before shooting.

7. Texture

Like the photos, good fabric must with a good texture. Although you can’t feel the texture of the photo by your hand, you will be able to feel the pleasure by your eyes. The great pictures we see are not come out overnight, from the preparation to the shooting scene and then later correction in poet-processing, a successful photograph is the sum of every step.

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