7 Most Common Mistakes in Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has become common place in recent years, and is now the basis of a multibillion dollar per year industry. Routine problems to complicated stress problems can be solved easily using dynamic FEAanalysis. But still there are certain most commonFEA modeling errors encountered from working in several industry sectors. If these sound familiar, you may want to review your analysis procedures. Let us look at these mistakes:

•  Doing analysis just for the sake of it:This is one of the most common mistakes while doing FEA. If you are not aware of the end requirements of practical finite element analysis then it is a big mistake. It is always useful to take note of some of the benefits of analysis if not all that makes the task of practitioners easier.

•  Lack of verification:Another most common mistake is lack of verification to bridge the gap between benchmarking and one’s own practical finite element analysis strategy. Test data sometimes exists but has been forgotten. Compare the cost of tests to verify what the analysis team produces and what would be the potential cost of believing the results when they are wrong.
•  Wrong elements:Using a 3D model instead of a 2D model or unreliable linear triangular or tetrahedral elements.

•  Bad post-processing: Not maintaining the consistency with the post-processing results. Not checking unaveraged stresses.

•  Assuming conservatism:Just because one of basic finite element analysis is known to be conservative does not mean that a different analysis of a similar structure under different conditions may not do so.

•  Attempting to predict contact stresses without modelling contact:This might give sensible looking results but seldom does.

•  Not standardizing finite element analysis procedures:This results in repeated or lost work. Any finite element analysis team should have a documented standard modelling procedure for typical analyses encountered within the organization and…

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