7 Behavior Modification Strategies For Children

As a parent, you must be concerned about your child’s behavior attributes especially when he/ she is suffering from ADHD. In such a case, it is best to set up a behavior modification program that you create for your child. It could get a little time consuming looking for hyperactivity remedies yet spend that time in creating your own system keeping in mind the individual needs of your child.

1. Once you’ve created a plan, make sure to think twice and review each and every aspect of it. Doing so will eliminate the chances of you having to make changes time and again and will certainly pay off tremendously!

2. Understand the behavior of your child. Focus on his/ her disinterests and annoying habits with the perspective of changing them at the earliest. Enforce upon and teach him/ her to distinguish between what is right and what is not.

3. When your child happens to do something productive that he/ she usually does not do, reward him/her. The reward may be monetary; you could also take him/ her for an undecided outing or allow him/ her to play for an hour extra because of the good behavior.

4. Similar to the above point, as and when your child fails to do as per planned, pick a consequence. Make him her understand that doing wrong will result in a bad consequence. However, be smart in picking the consequence as a small child should have little punishments such as, early to bed, no video games, no television, etc.

5. Maintain consistency throughout. Make sure to be consistent in practicing the plan as that is the only way you could modify the behavior of your child. The timetable set should be efficiently followed by you as well to enforce the behavioral pattern on your child. Setting an example for your child is as crucial as teaching your child to follow the same. 

6. Introduce new and improved rewards. Keep tempting your child with new and more enticing rewards as that would act as the driving force for him/ her. Do not be stingy with the rewards and watch…

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