6 Tips For Safer Exercise

Making time for exercise provides you with a lot of serious mental and physical benefits. It helps you not only reduce stress to have a healthier and happier life overall but also achieve a toned body. However, not all of you know how to do workout sessions safely. Here are 6 tips that you can follow for a safer exercise.

1. Stay well hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important for safe exercise because dehydration can contribute to the development of heat-related injuries. To determine if you are hydrated or not, you can look at your urine’s color: if it is the colour of lemonade, you are staying hydrated; if it is darker, you may be lack of liquids. So, you should drink water before exercising and during your workout to ensure you are not dehydrated. After the workout is over, you can have an extra glass of water as well. However, if you are doing a marathon or triathlon, you should choose drinks that replace fluids plus essential electrolytes.

2. Choose safe forms of exercise and dress properly

If you exercise solo, getting into sports such as biking, running, hiking or walking will be safe for you. In addition, depending on the temperature, you need to dress properly as well as choose clothes and shoes designed for your type of exercise. You should wear layers to peel off when you warm up because overheating for any length of time can increase the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. You should also replace shoes every six months as cushioning wears out.

3. Listen to your body

Getting dizzy, unexplained weakness and feeling faint are signs you shouldn’t ignore. Therefore, if you feel creepy or very fatigued, you should stop your workout immediately and head back home. Besides, you should cut back of you cannot finish a workout session, or avoid exercises that trigger pain if you suffer persistent aches and pains in joints after exercising.

4. Not workout alone

The risks for getting hurt will be greater if you get into extreme sports like rock climbing or mountain biking alone. So working out with your friends not only is a motivator but also allows you to keep tabs on one another at the same time.

5. Take a break

Working out too hard or too often can cause overuse injuries such as stress fractures, stiff or sore joints and muscles. It can lead to inflamed tendons and ligaments, too. So taking a break during your exercise will be good for your overall health.

6. Warm up before exercising

Before starting, you should take five to 10 minutes…

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