6 Techniques for Gas Fleet Management

Generally, gas bills constitute 30 percent of the overall operating expenses of fleet companies. It is for this reason that fleet managers are offered with the task to minimize fuel usage every year to get more earnings. Effective gas fleet management is needed then. If you are one of those who are assigned to plan this, think about these things in your list:

1. Remind drivers, as well as the rest of the workers, to stop using company vehicles for personal purposes. But for some hard-headed people, this may not be adequate. You have to come up with new policies for unauthorized utilization of business fleet. The penalty for violators should make them think hard before they give some thought to using company properties for private use.

2. Driver training is important to fleet operations as well. Offer trainings necessary to teach drivers how to scale back fuel usage. They will learn to keep track of traffic to lessen the need to change gears. Through this, they will also realize the value of making themselves aware of traffic hazards and existing road situations. Drivers will also become responsible and obedient particularly when it comes to adhering to speed limits to prevent accidents, speeding fines, engine trouble and of course, burning more fuel. Additionally, they will also become aware of lowering or avoiding idle times, which also make way for unneeded utilization of gas if done every day.

3. Integrate the usage of GPS technology in your gas fleet management to monitor the actual location of your trucks, vans or cars and to know if the drivers are on their official routes. Through this system, you can easily call their attention and at the same time drivers will be more accountable of managing their time. More significant, this will prevent them from using the vehicles with permission, as stated in item no. 1.

4. Attempt to improve routes. This may require time and may definitely be an added task on your part as fleet manager but planning routes will…

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