6 Key Elements to Consider When Tasting Wine

It seems that some people have a keener sense of smell and taste than others when it comes to evaluating wine. However, while expert wine tasters may seem to have been born with this gift, the truth is anyone can be a wine expert through constant practice. There are a variety of wine tasting exercises you can perform if you want to improve your wine tasting skills, but if you are only starting, you need to focus on six key elements that wine experts themselves focus on when assessing a bottle of wine.


Oak. One of the first things expert wine tasters check out of a wine is whether it is oaked or not. You see, wine is usually placed inside oak barrels during production. Over time, some of the elements from the oak gets mixed with the wine, affecting its flavor and structure. This is why some wines have that vanilla or caramel flavor in them, while others have that toasty flavor that seem like it has been roasted over flame.


Flavors & Aromas. The flavor and aroma of the wine are another key element wine experts focus on when tasting wine. The grape variety from which the wine was made of, the type of soil the vine was planted in, and the climate where the grape was grown all account for the flavor and aroma of the wine. Different people smell and taste different things from wine, though, but the more you practice, the more easily you’ll be able to accurately pick the flavor and aroma of wine you’re evaluating.


Sweetness. Obviously, sweetness in wine can only come from its sugar content, and is measured by the amount of residual sugar that’s left after fermentation. This can contribute to the body and texture of the wine as well. Moreover, sweetness in wine can be masked by the wine’s acidity.


Acidity. How acidic wine is depends on several factors including the type of grape used in making it, the grape’s amount of sun exposure, the climate of the region, and the type of soil the vine was planted in. Generally, wines made in cooler regions have higher…

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