6 Easy Steps to help Parents Motivate their High School aged Children

Motivation is a key skill to teach your children. A lot of kids struggle with motivation their whole life or it can be something new. High School seems to be one of the more challening times for a parent to teach their children motivation skills. Being able to talk to your kids without them feeling attacked may get you closer to what is really bothering them. Peer pressure, fear of failing, not being prepared for their future, not being the greatest student, and not having set goals for your life may lead your children to not have enough confidence in themselves.

The following can be symptoms of a lack of confidence or motivation. Bad attendance in school, unacceptable grades, lack of physical activity, a change in their personality, and or dropping out completely from school. The Oregon Department of Education collects data about students who drop out of high school in the state. In the 2002-2003 school year, “The absence of parent support for education” was overwhelmingly the number one reason. Other reasons include, “Fell too far behind in credits,” “Working everyday, “Home life is terrible “,” and “Getting in trouble at school.” You should always be promoting education for your children, These suggestions may help you to find new ways in shaping the future of your child.

1. Reading is the key to all learning. Expose your teens to books you used to read growing up, informational magazines or newspapers, and especially reading on the internet since that is where most people seem to be getting their information. Ask intriguing questions about what they read that day or what they learned. This could be the most important thing you can do to help your child in becoming a well rounded person in today’s society.

2. Know how to have proper writing skills and wide vocabulary. Everyday attention to writing e-mails, letters, journal entries, poetry, and songs are all ways to promote self confidence and motivation by starting with what you say.

3. Numbers. Teaching…

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