6 Common DVD Cover Designer Mistakes To Avoid

A common problem in industries where independent films, training programs, or other special videos are created is that many mistakes are made by even the most experienced DVD cover designer trying to promote the DVD. There are many covers that are created by DVD cover designers that were made poorly. In fact, the mistakes made on the cover can be so hurtful that they may have a very negative impact the potential progress that a DVD can have.

Overall, cover design for all products is crucial for every product. It doesn’t matter whether you sell your cover as a hard copy at a tangible store to be handled by customers or sold online as a digital product. Covers give your product not only an identity, but it also has a major influence on your product’s overall growth as well as the impression that customers have on it. Unfortunately, there are too many cover designers that simply do not understand this. It is more tempting to just want to hire any type of DVD cover designer that offers the cheapest pricing available, which can be a mistake in the long run.

To remind people of why shopping for the lowest price can be a dangerous idea, I’m going to highlight a number of mistakes that even experienced designers make & why it is so important to be very careful on who you trust your design projects to.

Mistake #1: The designer fails to reach customers with their design.

This is the biggest mistake that a designer can possibly make. Designers can create a great cover that does not make any of the mistakes that are highlighted below, but fails to make it noticeable. The cover’s text is often made too small for customers to see it, which is a mistake that amateur designers often make. Designers of all levels have to remember that customers are usually in the center of an aisle. The cover of a DVD, for example, needs to be able to reach those customers when they are shopping in movie stores. Failing to do this means that customers have to come directly to the DVD, pick it up, & read it before they know what it is about. This mistake means that your DVD cover will collect a lot of dust on the store shelf as it gets ignored by customers who otherwise would have bought it if it worked harder to catch their attention.

The same applies to digital products as well. If you want your cover to appear on iBooks, Amazon, Google, & other stores, your product will be competing with a bunch of other covers in an online directory. While text is easier to read online, many…

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