5 Ways to Spot a Fake When Buying Cuban Cigars in the US

There is one question people ask when buying Cuban cigars in the US for the first time. The question usually is, how do I tell if it’s genuine? Like most valuable things in the market, the customer does not want to, loose money. The feeling of disappointment after realizing you’ve been swindled can be very discouraging, that some people will avoid buying them in future.

The original Cigars from Cuba are of very high quality and made with precision. Usually most fakes cannot match the quality because of the conditions in which they are manufactured in. However, counterfeiters have been making an effort to make the fakes look as real as possible.

Check the Product’s Packaging

Genuine Havana Cigars will be made to precision. The box, packaging and even lettering must not vary and if it does then that’s a fake. The first thing you must examine before going for Havana cigars for sale is to check the box.

The manufacturers spend a lot of time to make the boxes just like they do with the rest of the product. Examine the box and check the quality of its assembly. Is it sturdy or weak? The box color must be a very rich light brown color. You can check for photos online to get an idea of how the color should be. It should have no stains smudges, or inconsistencies in color. Most fake ones will hardly match the sophisticated color consistency of a genuine one.

Examine the Seal

Check the warranty seal on the box. The placing of the seal can tell you if the product is genuine. The Seal is placed from the upper left area of the box, vertically downwards. The seal is placed from the top part of the box leaving a few inches as it stretches to the front part of it.

The dimension of the seal is also important and is always precise. It is important to note that there is an older seal and a newer seal with different dimensions. When buying Cuban cigars online, the new seal is used.

The new seal has a dimension of 118mm and 35mm. The older seal was much smaller and about…

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