5 Ways a Managed Services Provider (MSP) Promotes Revenue Growth

A NYC area IT consultant and MSP shows how small and mid-size business leaders can increase revenues by outsourcing IT to a managed services provider (MSP) in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The article lists five ways a managed services IT company can enhance revenue growth.

In the informative article, the company shows how managed IT has increased productivity and innovation, improved budgeting and strengthened security, all with a direct impact on revenues. Freeing up in-house IT personnel to focus on revenue-enhancing initiatives is also discussed. The article cites real-world case studies and statistics to support its conclusions.

“Smart business leaders use technology to enhance revenue growth,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “Today’s fast pace of innovation and increasing data security threats demand the best in managed business IT services.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “5 Ways a Managed Services Provider (MSP) Promotes Revenue Growth.”

“While some businesses view IT consultants simply as a means to keep computers up and running, others see the possibilities for powerful, strategic partnerships. Choosing the right MSP not only helps your organization work smarter; it can also help you grow your business and improve your bottom line.”

Increased Productivity

“For a Pennsylvania tax consultant, partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) led to a 20% increase in revenue. Staff productivity doubled, cutting return processing time in half and reducing payroll costs by 15 percent.”

More Security, Less Downtime

“According to a recent survey by Imperva, the business cost of a ransomware attack runs from $5,000 to $20,000 per day. Those costs come primarily from downtime due to lack of system access. The resulting idle sales staff and offline eCommerce directly impact revenues. Increasingly, cyber criminals have begun to target smaller businesses.”

The Best Tool for the Job

“A small retail furniture chain turned to its MSP to implement new technology. The upgrade resulted in improved internet access and more reliable tools. Standardized print services and a more efficient point of sale system smoothed the sales process, reducing lost sales….

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