5 Tips for Snow Photography

Yeah, winter is coming, snow is coming. Snow in winter is one of the photographer’s favorite weather to take photographs, and it is also one of the subjects that will encounter the most problems. However, how to shoot photos which like a professional photographer’s works in such fairy-tale season, you need to master these 5 tips. The snow makes this world as beautiful as a fairy, then how to record this beautiful scenery and take wonderful photos?

1. The correct time

When will appear the most suitable light for shooting in the whole snow period? When snow covered the earth, the subject will be covered by the sun and multi-angle reflective, so we should avoid the sun is too harsh, and choose an early morning or evening in a sunny day when the scattered light can shoot out of the snow texture and layers.

2. Practical equipment

The temperature of the snow scenes is a little lower, so we should consider to carry a more professional and reliable SLR. We usually choose a telephoto and wide-angle lens for shooting landscapes. In addition, you also need to carry a tripod, polarizer, hood, and so on.

3. The temperature should be below zero

A temperature below the “zero” is the best temperature to shoot close-up of snowflake crystal. We only need to remember, shooting crystal need a cold environment that there are no wind, big water vapor and the temperature is below freezing.

4. “Snow” White Balance

Professional photographers will check the camera’s white balance settings before shooting. If your camera is still set in a conventional automatic white balance, then you are wrong! In this mode, you will get the picture with “full of blues”! If your camera does not have the function to manually set the white balance, or you can’t skillfully manually set at this time, then you can directly select the Snow / cloudy automatic white balance mode.

And if you are already proficient in the use of your own camera, you can custom the white balance to set a most correct white balance…

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