Kevin Durant’s revenge-filled summer has included a lot of clapping back at people on Twitter, and it’s been so much fun.

Now, it’s taken a very weird turn.

Some folks on Twitter noticed these replies from Durant to someone in which he spoke about himself in the third person:

That’s the prevailing theory above: Durant meant to comment on that tweet using a fake account, posing as a Durant fan to defend the Golden State Warriors megastar.

But what else could explain that weirdness? Here are four other theories:

1. Someone else with access to his account made a mistake

This still fits into the theory that someone – Durant or a person working with him – created fake accounts to support the forward.

2. He was hacked!

3. The replies were Photoshopped

4. He just likes talking about himself in the third person

Here are some funny tweets about this thing that’s taking over social media:

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