5 Steps to Choosing the Right Hockey Equipment

As in all sports, choosing the right equipment will allow for better comfort and performance on the ice, and an overall better experience. Whether you are the next Sydney Crosby or an occasional Sunday player, having the right equipment is a crucial element you should not neglect.

All brands are not made equal, and there are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for equipment. How will you know which stick is better for you or if your helmet is well adjusted? What is your budget? How about your playing level?  Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced player?

Here are five important steps to follow when choosing your hockey equipment:

1 – Safety

rotect your most precious asset, your health. Neglecting this step could result in serious injury. Take the proper time to choose a well fitted helmet, elbow protectors, throat protector, right hand protector, etc.  When choosing a helmet, make sure that it is well adjusted to your head, it should not move laterally nor should it slide up and down. On the other hand, it should not cause discomfort or pressure. Especially with regards to head gear, the right choice for you or your child should be of the utmost importance and be able to provide for the full range of protection available.

2 – Playing Technique & Level

Your playing technique and agility on the ice will be directly influenced by your equipment choice of ice skates and stick. For the choice of these elements you should ask yourself: How many times per week will I be playing? What is my playing level? Do I foresee a fast progression in my abilities? What is my height? These are important factors to consider in the choice of equipment.

When you play ice hockey there are many things you will need to put in your bag. It is good to have your own ice hockey equipment because it will fit you.

3 – Regulations

Make sure to check that your helmet is approved by the HECC, (The Hockey Equipment Certification Council) and the CSA (The Canadian Standards Association).

4 – Treat Yourself

If hockey is your passion and hobby, enjoy the wide selection of equipment available; why not treat yourself to signed items by your favourite players?

5 – Tips from Our Team

After using your equipment, let it air dry on a specialized stand created for this purpose.  Never let your equipment dry near a heater or direct heating source; this could damage the technical fibres and padding.

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