5 shooting skills for wonderful group photo

We come to this world, grow, make friends, and look for opportunities and results. We must be one of the circles of friends and family. Each of us will experience in the journey of life, we all want to be able to reproduce those wonderful memorable moments, and this is the reason why we love photography.

Here we will discuss the problem and skills about group photos. The group photo is the best award for our age and experience. We usually aftertaste the best moment in our life through photos, so they must not be bland. This article will introduce some group shots skills. I hope it will bring you new inspiration.

1. Break the routine

The most group photos I have seen are with one look. These photos are so ordinary, because most of the photographers are legalistic: all make a good team to stand in several rows, count to three and then press the shutter. One of the secrets to shoot wonderful group photo is to break the routine. We have unlimited imagination, just come out to play. Get rid of the tendency to seek routine and comfort, the final results will give you a surprise.

2. The key is timing

Want to take a good photograph, grasping time is absolutely necessary. The timing is not only for the time in one day, but also in the moment to press the shutter. Grasping the precise timing of shooting can significantly reduce your workload, and without needing to continue to shoot the same scene in order to get a “perfect photo”.

3. Light is everything

Sometimes, light is everything. The light is the essence of photography. A good photo thanks to a perfect grasp of light. But this is often the weakest link for a photographer. Following are some tips on the efficient use of the light:

a. Make sure that all people are within the lens, and shadow on their face.

b. The result always be better if you are using the flash.

c. Consider to use the reflected light.

4. Background

Background is as important as the main. Objectively speaking, change the background can usually get better results. Let your family or team to go outdoors now. Try shooting in the open scene rather than at home or working room. Moreover, you can also get beautiful natural light.

5. Do not just standing

The shooting angle is the factor to make a photo stand out. If you want to take a distinctive group photo, then don’t silly standing. I do not mean that you have to overcome the force of gravity, just change the shooting angle. Such as making your friends standing on the ground, and you shoot…

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