5 Scenarios Where You Will Want to Hire a Home Inspector

For many individuals and families, homes are essential investments. Our homes are where we spend much of our time, and ensuring that our homes are built to last can be tremendously important. However, it can be difficult to detect the signs of a home that is suffering from problems, and experts must be called in on occasion to ensure that everything is functioning well. Here are a few situations where home inspections may be required.

Selling a Home

Before setting the price for your home and attempting to sell it, it is important to ensure that you have it properly inspected. In fact, many areas require that homes are inspected before they are put on the market. Finding any potential problems before trying to sell your home can allow you to fix them as quickly as possible, and home buyers often hire their own inspectors who will likely uncover any problems you did not detect. Uncovering these problems can halt a sale that may have otherwise gone through. Before attempting to sell your home, be sure to have it inspected by a competent inspector.

Buying a Home

While most homes on the market have been properly inspected, many buyers may prefer to hire their own home inspectors. The inspector may new problems that the previous inspector did not notice, and having two separate inspections is always safer than relying on one. In addition, inspectors may notice problems that are not severe enough to note during the inspection but that potential buyers may be concerned about. While some may wish to avoid these costs, having your future home inspected before purchasing it can give you a bit of confidence


Homes inevitably wear down over time, and problems will need to be fixed periodically. Many of these problems, such as termite infestations, can go unnoticed for years. By identifying these problems early and fixing them as quickly as possible, homeowners can avoid greater expenses in the future. A mold problem that is caught early is generally inexpensive to fix;…

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