5 Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing Your CV

There’s a lot of competition for many jobs in today’s market so anything that puts your job hunting activities at a disadvantage needs to be eradicated.  All recruitment agencies will tell you that a professional CV is a must but many people still fall foul of the same mistakes.

Forewarned is forearmed so here is our guide to avoiding those CV writing mistakes and turning you into a job seeking superstar.

  1. Producing a 5 page CV.

Frankly, employers don’t have the time to read beyond 2 pages of content – anything longer tends to get skipped.  So what do you do if you have decades of work experience behind you?  One good approach is to detail the tasks and responsibilities of the few most relevant jobs to the one for which you’re applying and simply provide the job title and name of the employer for the rest.  Following the mantra ‘Be concise and be precise’ should help you to include all of the relevant data in no more than 2 pages.

  1. Piling on the clichés.

Are you a results-orientated, proactive individual who has excellent problem solving and interpersonal skills?  Yes?  Well, that may be true but a lot of other applicants are claiming exactly the same thing.  It’s fine to declare these aptitudes but make your CV different by providing facts and figures to back them up – for example, ‘Proven problem solving skills by devising a more efficient operating procedure that saved £5,000 per year’.

  1. Poor spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Not everybody is blessed with great written skills.  If you’re one of them, don’t let that hold you back from having a powerful and professional CV.  Ask an expert to proofread or rework your CV to eliminate any risk of spelling or grammar mistakes that could result in your application being rejected.  Content may be king but presentation is important too.

  1. Failing to sell your key strengths.

When you have a lot of information to communicate, there’s a danger that the qualities and experience that…

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