5 Inside tips to use web design to increase traffic to your website

Think website traffic and you think Internet marketing.But a lot of people do not know that you can increase website traffic using good quality website design. And one can reduce it very easily too if you do not avoid the pitfalls of website design.

The traffic to your website is determined by how search engine spiders crawl your website and whether they like what they see.If your website design complies with the latest validation protocols and follows a few of these insider tips, then you will have no problem increasing the traffic to the website.

So, here are our 5 insider tips to increase traffic using website design.

Kill the Bandwidth Hoggers: Do you still have a flash heavy website or coldfusion maybe? It may grab eyeballs but will end up choking the bandwidth on your website and it may so happen that your site ends up being ignored completely. So, eliminate the bandwidth hoggers. Try HTML5 instead for your animations. Most experienced web design companies have already switched over. If your current design company doesn’t know how to implement HTML5, then look for updated and current web design services.

Skip the huge images: It is a fact that search engines love a content heavy website. But users still prefer a site with more images because it enhances the visual appeal. The trick is to optimize your images for the web so that they load faster. Image slicing may be an obsolete technique that still finds favor amongst a dedicated group who continue to support it. Only a company with the most updated web design services will be able to help you out with the right choice.

A Labyrinth: Many web designing companies are guilty of creating websites that are not very navigation friendly. In fact, finding your way around is so difficult that we can call it a labyrinth. Stay away from complex navigations. Humans are not the only ones who love a clear and simple navigation in a website. Spiders love it to. And it can significantly impact both, your…

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