5 amazing foodie delights to relish in Singapore

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food~ George Bernard Shaw” 

This quote is well represented by Singaporean Cuisine which not only is a soulful delight but also a true indicative of the culture diversity this wonderful place has to offer.

For Singaporeans, the food is an epitome of national identity, unifying them in one cultural thread. The cuisine has its native from Malay, extending its dominance to Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan and Western Tradition.

The Singapore Food Festival which is organized every year in July, is not only the celebration of the spirit called “Food” but also depicts the multiculturism of the local food and ready availability of international cuisine, making this place a “food lovers paradise”

1) Hainanese Chicken Rice

Flavored with ginger, garlic and some exotic herbs and prepared in chicken broth, served with Hainanese rice and chilly dip, this dish rules the popularity chart at Hawkers Street. It has been coined as a national dish of Singapore and is served at global expositions and events by Singapore run hotels.

2) Chili Crab

[Photograph: Yvonne Ruperti]

One of the mouths watering and satisfying of all crab dishes, the chili crab has been awarded as 45th out of 50 most delicious delicacies of world. Despite the name the dish won’t let out smoke from ears, the long chilies are added for a mild heat.

3) Laksa

Originated from Peranakan culture, this spicy noodle dish is a perfect fusion of Chinese and Malay elements. Thick rice vermicelli in rich spicy coconut gravy with dollops of sambal and fragrant laksa, this dish will surely set your tongue on roll.

4)  Kaya Toast


The most preferred snack for Singaporeans consist of Kaya with soft boiled eggs, warm toast, ample of butter and thick coffee. Being an important meal for workers for British ships in Singapore and Malaysia, this dish has surely lived up the expectation of being the taste of wholesome goodness.

5) Bak Chor Mee


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