4th of July Facebook Contest for Expats Living in the USA in the MobileRecharge.com Community

Free international mobile top up giveaway for the winner of the 4th of July Facebook contest addressed to expats in the USA .

I have used other services without constant satisfaction. MobileRecharge has been accurate, fast and reliable. Will continue to use it. (Bakary Manneh on Trustpilot.com)

MobileRecharge.com, the platform that facilitates mobile credit transfers online, from country to country, invites the USA diaspora to join the 4th of July Contest in the Facebook expat community, and win a free top up for someone back home: https://www.facebook.com/MobileRecharge.Fan/

The Facebook contest runs between June 29 – July 4 and is not intended to be as much a competition as a marathon of confessions related to the expat life in the USA. The challenge for fans and visitors living in the USA is to share in a comment what they love most about the USA. All comments will enter the spinning wheel pot from where one winner will be singled out randomly. He or she will get the chance to send a free top up to a relative or friend in his/her motherland, or even load his/her own mobile phone.

Expats in the MobileRecharge.com Facebook community use the website and MobileRecharge app to send mobile credit to their families and friends, whether to support them or send them a gift from times to times/ from time to time. The current Facebook contest is a good occasion to save money on such long distance top ups.

MobileRecharge.com Facebook community features daily promotions worldwide, but the most frequent are for top ups to Latin America, Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean. No contract is needed to benefit of these deals, but only a free account on the website.

4th of July is a major holiday in the expat community there. It is not only an inherited holiday by means of birth, but a celebration of the USA as the expat magnet of the world. The United States of America is the home to people with origins in all corners of the world. Since the USA has welcomed waves of expats since the 15th century, the federation became the third most populous country in the world, after China and India.. 

MobileRecharge.com serves expats, travellers or professionals who live abroad, especially the USA. There are 50.5 million expats in…

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